Snag Your Complimentary Fitness Assessment!

Finally get on the right track to achieve your fitness goals! A huge part of getting started on your personal health journey is being able to set attainable goals. A Certified Personal Trainer from PNW Fitness can get you going with solid advice and workout techniques that you can use to reach your goals faster.

Fitness Assessment 

Your complimentary Fitness Assessment is designed to examine your current fitness level, measure your body fat, discuss your goals, and then develop a personalized workout schedule to help you reach those fitness goals.

One-On-One Coaching & Nutrition Advice 

Getting in great shape is more than just lifting weights and running on the treadmill for long stretches at a time. Our Certified Personal Trainers will walk you through the best exercises to promote fat loss and build strength. Why not get the most out of every workout and spend less time doing it?! In addition, your one-on-one session will guide you through the best nutrition advice to replenish your body with healthy "goodies" that it has been craving. Get started the right way here at PNW Fitness!

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